Hydrogen Production Calculator

Compared to lower efficiency electrolyzers, FuelCell Energy's Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOEC) can potentially reduce the cost of hydrogen production by up to 30 percent. Our SOEC platform will produce more hydrogen with the same amount of electricity or require less renewable electricity to produce the same amount of hydrogen. This calculator compares our SOEC solution (producing dry hydrogen at 1 bar pressure from liquid water input) to low-temperature electrolyzers with the same input and output scope.

Are you calculating for increased hydrogen production or electricity use savings?
How much electricity will you use to make hydrogen?

1 MW

100 MW

How much hydrogen do you need to make per day?

600 kg

10,000 kg

How many hours a day is this electricity available?

1 Hour(s)

24 Hour(s)

How many hours a day will you be making hydrogen?

1 Hour(s)

24 Hour(s)

What type of electrolyzer are you comparing to SOEC?
What is the electric energy consumption of the electrolyzer?

40 kWh/kg

75 kWh/kg

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