Fuel Cell Energy

FuelCell Energy: Our Commitment to Net Zero


At FuelCell Energy, our goal is to enable the world to be empowered by clean energy, and we’re doing our part by developing a plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Download our Sustainability Report to learn how we fulfill our corporate purpose by managing ESG risks and opportunities that are material to our business and stakeholders, and how FuelCell Energy can help you on your journey to net zero.




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The Platform for A Path to Net Zero

The Journey to Carbon Zero

At FuelCell Energy, we're doing our part by developing our own path to net-zero by 2050.

Our initiatives focus on: 

  • Calculating our organizational carbon footprint baseline
  • Conducting product life cycle assessments (LCAs) to understand emissions throughout the value chain
  • Setting short term goals (2030) and long-term goals (2050) aligned with science-based targets
  • Developing a roadmap to net zero emissions to guide our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions reduction goals
  • Engaging employees on our net zero journey

Fulfilling Our Corporate Purpose

Enabling a safe, secure, and practical journey to carbon zero. 


Committed to driving economic value while conserving environmental resources. By weight, ~93% of the entire power plant can be reused or recycled at the end of its useful life.


Delivering clean, innovative solutions one employee at a time by enabling a work environment that stimulates passion, collaboration, engagement, and speed.


The Environmental, Social, Governance, and Nominating Committee holds the strategic ESG vision. We are committed to board diversity of gender, race, and professional experience.

Download our 2021 Sustainability Report to learn more about our sustainability initiatives, and how FuelCell Energy can help you on your journey to net zero.